[solidcore] coach: Tyler Larson

Fitness Background and favorite ways to workout:

I have always been active. Growing up I swam, dove, played football, basketball, ran track, and in my spare time showed horses. It wasn’t until I moved to MSP that I picked up on my crazy fitness lifestyle. To stay healthy I have done so many things but nothing has been more productive than [solidcore] for me. When I’m not at [solidcore] I’m thinking about it while running, swimming, biking, lifting, or taking yoga. [solidcore] is not my job, it’s my life, my passion.

One thing you’d like the [solidcore] community to know about you:

I plan my day around fit/healthy lifestyle.

Coaching style:

As a [solidcore] coach I value being a positive influence to others as we work together as friends & family to help each other prove to ourselves that our minds and our bodies are only as strong as we tell ourselves we are. Nothing is more rewarding than coaching a class to stay in these intense moves and watching friends accomplish their goals.

Tyler Larson