[solidcore] coach: Tom Jacobson

Fitness Background and favorite ways to workout:

I love to compete. Healthy competition pushes my buttons in all the right ways. I enjoy playing basketball, racquetball, running (I wish as much as I used to), and biking. Prior to [solidcore], my approach to fitness was solely through the eyes of the student. I adore boutique fitness and the its specialized approach to body awareness and community and culture. [solidcore] has provided me the ability to compete to develop and push my mental and physical strength without the dreaded plateau.

One thing you’d like the [solidcore] community to know about you:

While my first impression might not show it, I am a bit of a numbers and excel spreadsheet kind of nerd. I am a former CPA and securities licensed advisor. I know that should lead to impeccable counting skills. However, for all those who have taken my class know that this skill doesn’t always translate over. Sorry if my 15 second hold turns out to be more like 30 real seconds 🙂

Coaching style:

I try to bring the athlete out in every client that I have the opportunity to coach. I will challenge you to dig a little deeper and fight a little longer than you might think possible. My goal is to leave you feeling exhausted and a little shaky, but incredibly accomplished and mysteriously wanting to come back and do it all over again.

Tom Jacobson