[solidcore] coach: Raedean Foote

Fitness background and ways to workout:

My love for fitness was discovered in college. I played intramural sports, walked EVERYWHERE, tried yoga, learned to plank, and stepped into a weight room for the first time. My health & fit journey really began to flourish after college following a group fitness class with a dynamo instructor. She helped me find my inner athlete and taught me to keep my body guessing with my training. Today my workout regime consists of running, cycling, weight training, dance, yoga, HIIT and of course [solidcore].

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I’m a breakfast fanatic! Whether it is an omelet, oatmeal pancakes, eggs benedict, breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros – I love it all. Toss in mimosas or a bloody mary and my day is made. I adore trying new breakfast spots; so I’m all ears when it comes to recommendations.

Coaching style:

Dynamic. Motivating. Fun. Positive. I’m pumped to combine my love for [solidcore] with my passion to support people wherever they are with their fitness. My goal is to encourage everyone to dig deep and find his or her inner strong.

Raedean Foote