[solidcore] coach: Maggie Arends

Fitness background and ways to workout:

Growing up I wasn’t particularly active or into sports (those Who’s The Boss reruns weren’t going to watch themselves), until my later teens when yoga piqued my interest. Practicing yoga was then quickly followed by running, cycling, strength training and moved into teaching yoga. Eventually fitness and activity became not only part of my daily routine but my lifestyle. Today I enjoy cycling, dog walking and, of course [solidcore], which has made me strong in ways I never knew possible and taken my other athletic endeavors to a new level.

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I fancy myself a writer and have a blog. I believe laughter can make everything better (especially laughing at yourself). I never say no to the chance to take a nap. Having a dog will change your life.

Coaching style:

My coaching style is unassuming and open-minded. I will never pretend to know where someone else is coming from, what kind of day they’ve had, or what their body needs that day. I will, however, offer up 50 minutes of my energy and drive to help strengthen both your body and mind, with a little laughter in the process.

Maggie Arends