[solidcore] coach: Lindsay Erickson

Fitness background and ways to workout:

Basketball, volleyball, softball, horse showing & competitive square bale stacking (kidding, sort of) throughout high school transitioned into being an inaugural member of the Division 1 Women’s Equestrian team at South Dakota State. During my 4 years on the team I received multiple strength and conditioning awards and still hold a few records today. But being that active so young led to an onslaught of injuries – mostly knees, but a few wrist, shoulder, back and ankle problems mixed in. Today I am still highly active in the Dressage world. To maintain the intense fitness required to compete I use a mixture of activities – HIIT training, weight lifting, cycling, climbing, boxing and of course [solidcore].

[solidcore] is that perfect addition to my routine. It challenges me both physically and mentally in ways my other workouts can’t. I love that it’s low impact while effectively working those muscles I really need for riding.

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I am an adventure junkie. Biking down a volcano, scuba diving, turning down a path that may or may not be an actual trail and hoping to not get lost, or trying something completely new and out of my comfort zone; I am that person willing to try anything. Life is really just one big adventure and I’m here for it!

Coaching style:

[energetic] [motivating] [challenging] I love helping clients push themselves past their limits; getting outside their comfort zone, so they leave class the strongest version of themselves in both mind and body. I understand that every person is unique in the goals. I’m here to help you reach those goals while having a little fun along the way!

Lindsay Erickson