[solidcore] coach: Kristine Goodwine

Fitness background and ways to workout:

I am a fitness enthusiast. I love a workout that can challenge me and where I leave dripping in sweat. I enjoy a variety of workouts from classes that are total body, hard hitting, barre, cycle, heated yoga sculpt, and of course [solidcore]. When I do a [solidcore] workout It is extremely challenging for my mind and body. I walk out of every class feeling so [strong], and like I earned a little more fitness grit.

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I have an obsession with wearing leggings. Maybe it’s because I live in Minnesota (one of the fittest states), maybe because they are so darn comfortable, or maybe it’s the feeling of putting on a new or fun pair of leggings and that there going to help me crush my workout that day!

Coaching style:

[motivating], [Intense], and [challenging] with an on point playlist.  I am here to coach you through 50 minutes of mindful, effective movements, that will challenge and give you the opportunity to build a strong mind and body.  Always high fives for all that come and sweat, give their best effort!

Kristine Ellis