[solidcore] coach: Keegan Leuer

Fitness background and favorite ways to workout:

Growing up I was always super active, and continued that into college playing D1 NCAA field hockey at Ohio State. From there my passion for fitness only grew. These days I teach spin, focus on HIIT full body workouts, including some weightlifting and yoga as much as I can!

[solidcore] has taken my workouts to a whole other level! It’s the perfect compliment to the other activities that I do and is the most efficient exercise that keeps my muscles long and lean without the impact and injuries of other workouts that I’ve tried.

One thing you’d like the [solidcore] community to know about you:

I always prioritize my mental and physical health in everything I do. I am also a health coach that knows the importance of balance; enjoying what you do and how you do it! Whether it’s what you’re eating, or how you’re working out, I know how important it is to enjoy the process. That’s what I try to bring into every [solidcore] class and workout that I teach!

Coaching style:

Motivating through every hold, every variation that people think they can’t finish. I let every student know that they are stronger than they know, and that their muscles shaking are a constant sign of growth and strength!

Keegan Leuer