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[solidcore] coach: Erika Hokkanen

Fitness background:

I grew up playing competitive soccer my entire life, but after experiencing a game-changing injury that prevented me from pursuing my college soccer dream, I quickly found a new interest in the non-contact sport of bodybuilding. I competed in the bikini division and am a national qualifier. Although I no longer compete, I continue to live an active lifestyle through weight lifting as well as any and all group fitness classes including yoga sculpt, cycling, and of course [solidcore]. Ever since I discovered [solidcore], my perspective of working out completely changed. I crave the mental and physical challenge that each class brings and there is truly no other workout like it.

One thing I want the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I absolutely love traveling! I had the opportunity to live with a Spanish-speaking family in Madrid for 6 months and ever since then, I have fallen in love with learning and immersing myself in the culture of each place I visit. I have traveled to over 17 countries and I keep a travel blog as a keepsake for all of my adventures. Where to next?!

Coaching style:

Challenging, energetic and approachable.

Erika Hokkanen