[solidcore] coach: Angie Huh

Fitness background and ways to workout:

My fitness journey began 10 years ago and has evolved a lot over the years. After graduating from college and entering into the corporate world, I realized I needed an outlet to deal with everyday stresses, and realistically keep off the freshman 15 of corporate life. I’ve always enjoyed trying new and different type of exercise and its been a fun journey discovering variety in my love of fitness. I love yoga, yoga sculpt and of course the always challenging [solidcore] workout. Really any format that comes with a challenging workout and some great rockin’ jams and I’m happy!

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I love working out to great music, it motivates me to push harder and go further. I love putting together new playlists for class that are energetic, rhythmic and will make you feel like dancing in your back lunge (dancing/shaking, same thing).

Coaching style:

[Fun] [intense] [motivating] I love playing fun upbeat music in class and delivering a challenging workout that leaves you feeling like you gave everything in that 50 minutes of class. I want to push you beyond your max and help you realize that you are strong enough to get there. I like to crack jokes during class, but they’re quick….you might miss them if you’re not paying attention!

Angie Huh