[solidcore] coach: Alyssa Jacobson

Fitness Background and favorite ways to workout:

Growing up in a small town, fitness wasn’t a priority. It took graduating from college and some weight gain to make me realize I needed to get healthy. I’ve taken every kind of class there is: bootcamp, barre, HIIT, running, spin, etc. Nothing really got me excited, until we found [solidcore]. After having twin girls in May 2017, [solidcore] became the sole workout I was able to do with my joints and back. I will throw in a spin class every once in awhile but [solidcore] is my main form of fitness, going on 5 years now!

One thing you’d like the [solidcore] community to know about you:

I am not a morning person (even more so after babies). If you see me working out in the morning, I literally have no other options!

Coaching style:

Huge focus on form and consistency for my classes. I play oldies as well as rap and some new hidden gems. I love to find ways to make clients work hard, sometimes without them even realizing it. I always try to have you leave my class feeling well rounded, and definitely fatigued!

Alyssa Jacobson