[solidcore] coach: Ally Cranfield

Fitness background and ways to workout:

I have always been passionate about working out but after playing college soccer I wanted to find new ways to workout. I started long distance running and found HIIT workouts that I really enjoyed to get my heart rate up and get a good sweat in (p.s. I love to sweat!!!). I love taking workout classes because the group environment is so motivating for me, especially in [solidcore] classes when the shakes start happening. My favorite part about [soldicore] classes is the fact that there are always new ways to challenge yourself, and I get humbled every time.

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

I am a student at the University of Minnesota majoring in economics. I love numbers so although challenging it is very interesting. Also, I have a passion for finding new healthy recipes to bake. Every week I find a new recipe to bake and test out! I also love traveling (especially to warm weather) and trying new activities with friends.

Coaching style:

My goal is to help people find their edge every workout, while having a great time doing it! Nothing energizes me quite like watching people push themselves. I like to motivate while also understanding that you may not be able to give 100% everyday, and that is okay! Good upbeat music under the blue lights creates a perfect environment for creating a stronger self.

Ally Cranfield