[solidcore] coach: Alex Kubitz

Fitness background and ways to workout:

My love for fitness started when I was 6 years old and joined the swim team. I was a swimmer throughout high school, until I picked up a love/hate relationship with running. I started doing [solidcore] about six years ago and have been addicted ever since. I love the uniqueness of the workout and the workout’s ability to work those tiny muscles that you are unable to work at the gym. [Solidcore] has given me the perfect type of strength training to balance with swimming and running. I am such a strong advocate for fitness because I believe it leads not only a healthy physical lifestyle, but also a healthy mental lifestyle.

One thing I’d like the [solidcore] community to know about me:

On top of my passion for fitness, I love to travel and explore new places. I have had the opportunity to live in Sydney, Australia and Barcelona, Spain each for a few months. While living in these countries, I had some of the most memorable and eye opening experiences of my life. I cannot encourage people enough to see the world and explore different cultures.

Coaching style:

Energetic, uplifting, and challenging. My goal is to provide you with a positive and supportive environment that allows you to challenge your mind and body. I want you to feel the energy in the room and use it to tune into your body and feel yourself getting stronger.

Alex Kubitz