Staying on track, even when you are off the grid

I am one for routines – my morning of [solidcore]/shower/coffee/Today Show, my evening skincare regiment (get on the train guys, your skin is there for everyone to see) – I love them all, I do not like to veer.

I also am a traveler – for work or fun, for a quick weekend or a two week excursion, I am always on the go. However, travel and routine do not always go hand-in-hand, especially when we are talking about travel and a workout routine. When I take a trip, I want to eat all the food, drink all the drink, and take in some much needed relaxation. I also want to still look good in my pre-planned vaca outfits and [crush] class when I get back to D.C., so working out is a must.

Luckily, it is getting easier to make fitness a part of your travel routine. TRYP Hotels allow you to book a fitness room, which includes a treadmill, bike, or elliptical in the room, and Kimpton stocks all their rooms with yoga mats and keeps free bikes on-hand for travelers to borrow. Even Equinox – yes Equinox, the mecca of fancy gyms – knows how important the need is, and they are opening a chain of luxury fitness hotels so that you are never without a proper sweat sesh.

But even without these added amenities, there is so much you can do to bring your workout (maybe not a full sweatlana, but a workout nonetheless), on your vacation:

Do your homework

Yep, homework. Check the hotel website to see if they have a gym, and if you’re feeling extra Type A, call the front desk to ask what is actually in the gym. Have no shame, you do you. Knowing that you at least have a treadmill and some free weights in the building so that you can quickly get a workout in (especially important when traveling for work, trust me) is a must.

Scope out the city’s fitness scene

D.C. is great – we have [solidcore] and some other fun and different fitness options, but the world is your oyster! When I go to another city – especially a major American city – I am all over stalking their fitness scene. NYC has aerial yoga studios. LA has a stair climbing class that I hear Bradley Cooper and Jen Aniston are all about, and it’s pretty hard these days to go to a city that doesn’t have a Soul Cycle or Flywheel – those accounts cross borders, people!

Be adventurous 

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to take advantage of all the active things I can do in the city. Hiking and biking in Steamboat, CO, paddleboarding in Hawaii, hiking and surfing in Costa Rica, hiking a volcano in Greece (OK, I go on lots of hikes), skiing in Montana – all of these activities burn calories, are done in beautiful settings, are super fun, and allow you to really take advantage of your surroundings.

Get in some steps

I lived in NYC for six years, so I am really big on walking – it is great exercise, it’s a great way to see a city, and it makes you way less nauseous than a cab or Uber. If you aren’t really in a walking-kinda-town – map out a run! One of my favorite beach workouts is a run in the morning before it gets too hot. I even use a run as a way to check out my own city – if you haven’t taken a run down the mall or around the tidal basin on a fall or spring morning, then you are seriously missing out.

So ok, none of this is groundbreaking and you’ve heard it all before. But really, the best way I motivate myself to work out when I travel is to remember why working out – and [solidcore] – are part of my routine in the first place! Those 50 minutes help me start my day, get me focused, and make me feel like I have accomplished something great – and there is no reason I can’t channel that motivation into a different workout routine when I am traveling.

Plus, if I go for a run down the beach in the morning, there is no reason I can’t have a [margarita] in my hand by noon . . .


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