How to tackle Dedicated December the [right] way

I went to open an e-mail at work, and my triceps were twitching as I clicked my mouse. I got up from my desk chair, and my glutes screamed out. I took the stairs to a meeting, and my lower abs felt it every time I picked up my feet.

It must be [dedicated december]…

You must be thinking to yourself, “Why would anyone do this to themselves? Taking 14 classes in a month, especially when you might be out of town or busy for part of it, seems crazy” And it kind of is. That’s what makes it challenging. And what makes it worth doing. Heck, hundreds of our clients have already started.

That said, our team wanted to provide a few tips for how to safely and successfully complete the [dedicated december] challenge while still reaping the benefits of all of the [shakes] the workout provides.

First, plan. Even though we are already into our first week (day #7, go you!), it is worth making a plan for the rest of the month if you haven’t already. Go online to and plot out when you’re going to take class. This will prevent missing out on classes that are convenient for you and your body. This is a month where clients just like you are excited about what this challenge offers! You want to make sure that you can take class when you like to, not when you have to in order to complete it.

Second, hydrate. The slip-and-slide you experience on [sweatlana] after an oblique series facing the front is unreal, so your body (before, during and after class) needs to be nourished with lots-o-water. Your body needs water to properly digest nutrients and build muscle. I’d hate to see you work so hard in class, only to curb potential strength by not drinking enough water! Remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re already behind. So drink up, buttercup!

Third, and most importantly, listen to your body. Take class if and when you can. If you can afford to put a rest day in between your classes, do it! Give that bangin’ bod a break. If you can take [Arms+Abs] to lighten up your legs, try that, too. There is a lot to think about in class – hips up, tailbone tucked, shoulders over elbows, breathing. The last thing our team wants is for finishing this challenge to be at the expense of injury. And when you’re taking 14 classes in a month, you still need to rest to come back [stronger] later.

All of these tips and tools should be helpful in moving into the final three weeks of the [dedicated december] challenge. But our team wants to help you become the best version of yourself– in December and beyond. The best way to do that is to take care of yourself when you’re pushing this hard and [crushing] it this month. We are so excited you took the plunge!

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