Roger Cummings
Roger Cummings5 stars — ★★★★★August 6, 2017
Adam Gadbois
Adam Gadbois5 stars — ★★★★★July 20, 2017

(Beginner) Killer workout and awesome people! Highly recommended.

Patrick Andersen
Patrick Andersen5 stars — ★★★★★June 28, 2017
Victoria Lucia Plaza
Victoria Lucia Plaza5 stars — ★★★★★June 9, 2017

Oh how does one express their love for that which is [solidcore]? Always intense, never gets easier, we just get stronger, together, with amazing coaches who push us to our max and keep us safe, in a fun & motivating environment!! Love love love!!

Michael Frear
Michael Frear5 stars — ★★★★★June 1, 2017

Great and really hard as always! Feels good to start your day like that 🙂

John Wertish
John Wertish5 stars — ★★★★★May 15, 2017
Angie Huh
Angie Huh5 stars — ★★★★★May 15, 2017

Always challenging but always fun! You will leave feeling accomplished and strong!

Emily Ritter
Emily Ritter5 stars — ★★★★★May 14, 2017
Maria Silver
Maria Silver5 stars — ★★★★★May 14, 2017
Carly Foy
Carly Foy5 stars — ★★★★★May 10, 2017

A coworker of mine told me about [solidcore] and I was intrigued straight away. I'm always up for a challenge and to try something new. I have been at Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping for coming up on 4 years and I thought that I could handle it, as I am in good physical shape. This was INSANE! I CANNOT WAIT to go back and "try" it again! This was a totally different workout. I honestly wouldn't recommend it to everyone and anyone, but if you have a fairly decent core strength already, balance, coordination, determination and the willingness to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you have to check this out.
For my FXB peops, by no means is this going to interfere with what we do on the mat, if anything, it compliments! HOLY ABS, CORE, QUADS, HAMSTRINGS, GLUTES & SHOULDERS! So. Much. Sweat!

Hanna Zipes
Hanna Zipes5 stars — ★★★★★May 7, 2017
Renee Uzong
Renee Uzong5 stars — ★★★★★May 5, 2017
Janell Adams
Janell Adams5 stars — ★★★★★May 1, 2017

We came from Fargo ND to try the class! It was so hard but an absolute blast. I suggest if your first time doing this go a little early and watch the class prior to yours! It will help you get to see how the machine works! HIGHLY SUGGEST! �

Jill Carney Buck
Jill Carney Buck5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017
Maria O'Connell
Maria O'Connell5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017

Top notch place to get solid! I love all the teachers. �

Tram Holloway
Tram Holloway5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017
Anna Twinem
Anna Twinem5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017
Rachel Engelbrecht Carlson
Rachel Engelbrecht Carlson5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017
Vincent Amendola
Vincent Amendola5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017
JC Lippold
JC Lippold5 stars — ★★★★★April 29, 2017
Jacob Volkmann
Jacob Volkmann5 stars — ★★★★★February 16, 2017

Absolutely amazing workout! Felt like a one on one training session even though my butt was getting kicked with about a dozen other attendees. To me a great class involves a tough workout, great music, a passionate instructor who knows how to motivate the participates, and energy of those in the class. Solid Core had all of these. I'm looking forward to returning!!

Kristi Sachs
Kristi Sachs5 stars — ★★★★★January 27, 2017
Dani Marie
Dani Marie5 stars — ★★★★★January 16, 2017
Sara Strom
Sara Strom5 stars — ★★★★★January 14, 2017
Jenna Shaw
Jenna Shaw5 stars — ★★★★★December 30, 2016
Sarah 'Thune' Diaz
Sarah 'Thune' Diaz5 stars — ★★★★★November 27, 2016
Stacy Razink
Stacy Razink5 stars — ★★★★★November 22, 2016

Staff and place are amazing! Never thought I could be so sore and so addicted to something!!

Molly Elizabeth
Molly Elizabeth5 stars — ★★★★★November 22, 2016

Without a doubt the most effective toning work out there is. Incredible coaching staff and community!

Steve Knier
Steve Knier5 stars — ★★★★★October 12, 2016
Angela Hayek
Angela Hayek5 stars — ★★★★★September 26, 2016
Jessica Rossing
Jessica Rossing5 stars — ★★★★★September 23, 2016

Holy! Such a great workout and compliment to any other workout you might do. I swim, bike, run, lift and do yoga, but when I come to these classes I am challenged to engage my muscles in a new way that I don't ever do on my own. It's make me stronger as a whole. This why is I highly recommend doing solid core. Thank you to every instructor. The whole team is awesome!

I love everything about this place.

Jessica Ludenia
Jessica Ludenia5 stars — ★★★★★September 20, 2016
Christopher H. Haas
Christopher H. Haas5 stars — ★★★★★August 30, 2016
Olivia Mann
Olivia Mann5 stars — ★★★★★August 10, 2016

Being an avid workout junkie, after finding [solidcore] last March I was hooked. [Solidcore] takes your fitness to the next level, nothing in the Twin Cities compares to this 50-min workout. I will admit, the workouts are intense, but that's why your body changes so quickly in a matter of weeks!

What makes [solidcore] unique is that there's no peaking point. I usually go to 5-6 classes a week, and still find myself being challenged daily. Each class is different and focuses on a new set of muscles.

It's addicting, the atmosphere is fun, inviting, and each coach has a special way of connecting and motivating everyone in the class!

Morgan Baker
Morgan Baker5 stars — ★★★★★July 11, 2016

I had a fantastic first experience at [solidcore] yesterday. They are not kidding when they say that no matter how fit you think you are, you are going to FEEL that workout the next day. It's nice to feel your body getting stronger... Thanks for the butt kicking, Melissa!

Erin Barrett Wilson
Erin Barrett Wilson5 stars — ★★★★★May 25, 2016

Kick ASS. Efficient, smart, to the point. Makes you either want to cry or laugh. Solidcore MUST open studio in East Metro... Like EAGAN!

Nellie Skelly
Nellie Skelly5 stars — ★★★★★May 24, 2016

Whenever I want an amazing workout, I go to Solidcore. Nothing compares!

Miranda Butler
Miranda Butler5 stars — ★★★★★May 5, 2016

Best thing I have ever done for my health! I feel so much stronger and my running and body weight workouts have improved tremendously.

Amanda Diedrich
Amanda Diedrich5 stars — ★★★★★May 4, 2016

This is my favorite work out in the Twin Cities! The amount of energy the coaches bring to each session is contagious. Thanks for consistently kicking my ass!

Shane Biggs
Shane Biggs5 stars — ★★★★★April 13, 2016

One of the toughest workouts I have ever done!!! But it's amazing ! Love it !

Jessie Helbacka-Peterson
Jessie Helbacka-Peterson5 stars — ★★★★★April 12, 2016

The best workout I've had for awhile! Amazing like nothing I've done before

Poom Kamonchat
Poom Kamonchat5 stars — ★★★★★April 3, 2016
Becky Mittelstaedt
Becky Mittelstaedt5 stars — ★★★★★March 16, 2016

This workout pushes me to do more than I would ever do in another class or in the gym. The instructors are supportive, motivating, and fun!!

Alisia Ray
Alisia Ray5 stars — ★★★★★March 12, 2016

Solidcore is an exceptional experience every time you show up. It's so rare to find a place where every instructor is amazing and invested. JC and Tom are basically professional motivators. Marie Kay wrote me an encouraging email after my first workout. As a business owner that employee level of passion blew my mind a little. Overall I'd say the thing that sets Solidcore apart most is the good vibes. These workouts are humbling and the staff always make you feel like a champion.

Nathan J France
Nathan J France5 stars — ★★★★★January 20, 2016

Place was rocking today! Pro athletes great people!

Kelli Jean
Kelli Jean5 stars — ★★★★★January 20, 2016

2 classes in and I love it! Such a great challenge!

Christina Kuha
Christina Kuha5 stars — ★★★★★January 4, 2016

THE COACHES AND CLIENTS ARE SO FRIENDLY. As a person who is not in the best shape of my life, it was very intimidating to go and be surrounded by people who look like Olympic athletes. BUT the coaches, as well as every other student I've met, are all very welcoming and encouraging. Every single person there has the "I'm here to better myself!" attitude, and it is truly amazing. Not to mention the intense workout that happens. It goes by super fast, and after, you feel so powerful because you made it through! I just got done with my second class and plan on going to many more to improve my physical strength, as well as discipline!