Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

We are groomed to avoid discomfort at every corner…

There comes a point in life, and in every [solidcore] class where you are so uncomfortable that you just want to stop. This is the exact time where you need to keep going! Ladies and gentleman, it is time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

We live in a culture where we work hard so that we can be comfortable – big house, fancy vacations, luxury cars. The modern day world is setup to avoid discomfort and inconvenience as much as possible. You can order your groceries, a ball gown, and apply for a mortgage all from the comfort of your bed. We are groomed to avoid discomfort at every corner with the help of technology and smartphones. Now I am all for comfortable yoga pants a nice couch, but that is not where you become your best self.

On the other side of discomfort are all of your wildest dreams. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but seriously allowing yourself to sit in discomfort and accept that feeling pushes you to be better. I’m not just talking about finally seeing those oblique muscles. I’m not talking about holding at the bottom of that lunge even though you are in fact worried that your muscles will shake right off of your body. I’m talking about cultivating persistence, strength, and grit. The same mental toughness that gets you through a [solidcore] class can help you get what you want and deserve in your life.

Getting uncomfortable three times a week for 50 minutes changed me, continues to change me, and it can change you too. I’m okay with being uncomfortable outside of the studio. It is uncomfortable to sit down with your boss and ask why you were passed over for a promotion. It is uncomfortable to leave a stable relationship that you know deep down is not right for you. It is uncomfortable to quit your job and open an ice cream business without the security of a paycheck twice a month. But these moments, these fleeting moment of discomfort, are what define you. Did you get promoted? Did you stay in a loveless marriage? Did you start something great or remain a cog in the wheel? If you never experience discomfort, then you will shy away from it when you most need a change.

When you allow yourself to be uncomfortable and push through it, positive change is waiting for you on the other side. [solidcore] has given me not only physical strength but also mental toughness beyond my wildest dreams. Things can only get better from here!

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