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Alyssa Jacobson


Tom Jacobson


We have been athletes and fitness fanatics ever since we can remember. Health and fitness has been a constant and vital factor in shaping our lives. I mean we met at a gym after all!

While on vacation in Washington DC in December 2013, we stumbled on something that changed us forever. We walked into the doors of [solidcore] DC for the first time. We were immediately intrigued and excited by the unique looking studio and class structure. That intial excitement turned quickly into a jaw dropping burn unlike anything we have ever experienced. We left humbled and addicted! It was evident why this city was buzzing over [solidcore].

Our fitness routine had, like many others, gotten stale, repetitive, and boring. [solidcore] provided the spark and excitement we did not even know we were looking for. When we got home we tried to replicate the burn and intensity we received at [solidcore]. We quickly realized there was nothing that could compare. It would not be fair to keep this a secret any longer.

We opened the doors to [solidcore] MSP in October 2014. Minneapolis, notorious for being one of the fittest cities in America, was ready for this amazing experience. We are on a serious mission to help our hometown create the strongest versions of themselves, inside and out.

[solidcore] has helped us push ouselves past what we believed were our limitations. We are in the extremely fortunate position to be able to pay that forward on a daily basis.

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Meet the [solidcore] team