3 years and so much to [celebrate]

Three years, 14 studios, 20 full-time staff, 105 coaches and more than 50,000 clients and if I had to guess, I would say 9,534,234 high fives.  All these numbers put a pretty big smile on my face. When I opened the first [solidcore] in November of 2013 in Adams Morgan, DC, I remember feeling so excited about being able to introduce a new way of working out to this great city. As a fitness junkie, I had done everything under the sun and was never that satisfied with the results. When I discovered that the most effective way to work out your body was to use resistance in a slow and controlled way, it changed my whole approach to fitness and I wanted to share that information with others.

We’re on a steadfast mission to give people oblique muscles!

I’m as true of an entrepreneur as there is – if I’m not creating or building, I’m just not happy. I’m so thankful to the DMV region for embracing [solidcore] with such intense enthusiasm that has allowed us to grow so rapidly to 11 studios in this market, and we have three more planned for the area – West End, Tysons Corner and the Waterfront. In addition, we have started our national expansion with studios in Philadelphia and Atlanta, with more coming in Miami, Bismarck (my home town), Dallas, Scottsdale, Long Island, Boston. We’re actively looking at many markets and we’ll have between 35-40 studios by the end of 2017. We’re on a steadfast mission to give people oblique muscles!

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re of course giving back. As a business that has been made successful from this community, it’s important we support it in return. We’re a creative crew, so we wanted to do more than just give a donation to a nonprofit, we wanted to do something fun. On November 5th and 6th we decided to hold 24 hours of [solidcore] to raise money for the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). Mrs. Obama is one of our best clients and she happens to be the Honorary Chair of the organization, so choosing PHA made a lot of sense for us.

At [solidcore], community is everything and we take our ethos and principles very seriously. We not only believe in giving back, but we believe in treating our employees `and clients the with utmost respect and dignity… and we really do listen. Many internal and external policy changes have come from our clients and our coaches because they were able to see things differently. I’m bringing this up because I want you to know that you can reach out to anyone at [solidcore] – even me, anne@solidcore.co – if you have comments, feedback or opinions you’d like us to hear.

I hope to see many of you at the studio on November 5th and 6th planking for a cause and from the bottom of my lunge, thank you so much for your support, commitment and love.

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